• Antibiotic Free
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Approved by Feingold Association
  • Up to 99% Fat Free
  • No Fillers
  • Lower Sodium
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • No MSG
  • No Trans-Fats

What our customers say…

Visit after visit I am blown away by the perfection of their sandwiches. As a Chicagoan, I take my deli very seriously. This place destroys the competition out here, and back home. Ingredients all delicious, no sloppiness in the preparation. They use 3 slices of bread so the ingredients don't slide out, leaving you with a bread sandwich. And every time I order there's a sweet Italian lady taking my order with the kindest smile. I highly recommend getting a Large Corn beef with everything, hot. You'll be glad you did.

Food is yummy and service is great! I had to put in a massive order for a lunch meeting and Alie, the person I spoke with on the phone, was very friendly and helpful. My department was very pleased with the food, and especially enjoyed the Tiramisu which was imported from Italy. I thought it was very sweet that Alie even called the day after to follow-up with me. We're going to keep Tony's Italian Deli in mind the next time we need to order for a lunch meeting. And I'm definitely going to introduce my friends to them! Wendy E.- Los Angeles
Hands down... best sandwiches!!!!!! EXCELLENT customer service... it's a small place and gets really busy for lunch... but well worth the wait. Shay M.- Burbank, Los Angeles
The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the wonderful smell of garlic bread... YUM! Lots of choices for sandwiches and good choices for bread. I just stopped in for a quick egg salad sandwich so I've got to go back to try more! What a nice staff, too!
Tricia G.- Lake Balboa
I have serious cravings for this place. Don't know what's different than any other Italian deli sandwich I've had, but this place is the tits. Recommend going for the lunch special $8 for 6 inch sandwich the Tony's Special (trust it's more than enough) macaroni salad and a drink. all I'm saying is, GET HERE! Whitney M.- Burbank
Great food and very reasonable prices for how much food you get! The soup and salad combo is a good amount of food and it's around $6, which is terrific for a lunch. I love the small, family-owned feel and the unique blend of veggies and herbs that goes on every sandwich. Kristine S. - Burbank
This place is old-school--no frills sandwiches and pastas in a section of Burbank that looks like it hasn't changed since the forties. There are signed pictures of celebrities on the wall like so many places in this neighborhood, and the food is served in plastic baskets. Like so many good places, its humble appearance belies the awesomeness of its food--I feel like this phenomenon is a cultural or anthropological study waiting to happen. Why is it that most good food in cities comes from hole-in-the-wall places? All I really care about is the fact that they have delicious chicken parmesan (and apparently pastrami) sandwiches. Makes the boyfriend extremely happy--no more grumbling about there being no good Italian deli in LA that compares to St Louis!
Erica S.- Orlando, FL.